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0300 111 2340

Contact Conor at Localgiving for more information about how the programme works, assistance getting set up and to find out how you can access £250 of match funding.   

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Tel: 020 7183 2236

£250 of match funding

Automated Gift Aid

In-depth reporting

Gift Aid

One-to-one support

100% secure donations

Easy online fundraising

Conor is on hand to help, support and advise you with your online fundraising needs. For technical queries please contact our help desk on 0300 111 2340.

Donations are processed safely and securely through accredited payment providers, with funds automatically transferred into your bank account.

From individuals securing sponsorship to crowd-funded community projects, we provide a full suite of fundraising pages to help you raise more online.

We process the Gift Aid so you don’t have to, even if your group is not registered with the Charity Commission! Gift Aid is automatically transferred to your account. 

Detailed finance and marketing reports provide the data you need to effectively engage with supporters, cultivate long-term relationships and secure regular donations.

As well as being able to take part in our national fundraising campaigns to increase the value of your donations. You will have access to £250  of ring-fenced funds just for your group! 

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Is your organisation eligible?

If you can answer YES to the following 3 questions, then please continue and register your group!


We operate on local / regional community initiatives and are not a national charity

We have a local / regional management committee and a UK bank account

Our charitable aims are not solely for the advancement of religion or party politics

You can find more information about our eligibility criteria here.

"In the first two months we made nearly £1,000."

"It is encouraging to know that we have the support of Conor and the Localgiving team at the end of the phone. Localgiving has made a big difference to the club.” 

Sonia Grant

Dutch Pot Lunch & Social Club

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